Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill on Yaz’s past and future

Den of Geek talked to Doctor Who actress Mandip Gill about her character Yasmin Khan. It’s a very interesting read.

DENOFGEEK.COM: The Thirteenth Doctor wasn’t the only new adventurer we met in Sunday’s history-making Doctor Who series eleven premiere. We were also introduced to the Doctor’s latest Companions—or, as they’re called in this season, Friends.

We had a chance to chat with Mandip Gill, who plays Yaz, about where her character comes from and where her character is going now that she’s been swept up into all of time and space alongside the Doctor.

“She’s got a family unit back in Sheffield that she’s very close to,” Gill said of Yaz. “So she has that home connection to Sheffield and to her family. Like we focus on Ryan and Graham’s background [in the season premiere], we do go on to learn about Yaz’s background at some point.”

One of the details about Yaz’s background we do get in the series eleven premiere is her previous connection to Ryan (Tosin Cole). The two characters went to school together, but haven’t seen each other in a long while—long enough that they don’t recognise each other immediately.

“They are like brother and sister,” said Gill of the dynamic, referencing a moment in the car in the season premiere when Yaz bugs Ryan to hand over his phone, which he does with an eye roll.

Gill did tease that the Yaz/Ryan relationship could develop into something else, saying: “They could be a little bit more, because you see that really kind of flirty smile that she gives him when she realised that it’s Ryan and that he is grown up and whatnot. But we have not touched upon that yet. I want to say, not never… but I think, at this point, he is that annoying brother.”

We also know from the first episode that Yaz is a police officer. It might not be what is expected of her, said Gill, but: “I think she does that job because she likes to help people and she is good at helping people.

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